50 Cent’s Legendary act Pettiness: Why did Ja Rule’s Live performance have all empty seats?

50 Cent’s Legendary act Pettiness: Why did Ja Rule’s Live performance have all empty seats?

Rapper 50 Cent and Ja Rule’s beef is thought to virtually everybody within the music trade and their followers too. Although it’s unclear as when precisely they each started beefing with one another. It in all probability began within the 90s and continues to exist until now. However can somebody hate their enemy to the extent of shopping for their present’s tickets too? Properly, that’s what 50 Cent did with Ja Rule surprising everybody.

In a surprising flip of occasions, rapper 50 Cent who’s beefing since years with Ja Rule truly purchased latter’s 200 seats of his present. However why? Right here’s the reply to that.

Music trade isn’t new to beef between artists particularly the rappers. As a kind of beef exists between rapper Ja Rule and 50 Cent too. The 2 rappers proceed their feud with one another even until date. It reportedly started between them when one of many 50 Cent affiliate robbed Ja Rule for his chain at gunpoint.

Submit which 50 Cent and Ja Rule have been beefing with each other. A number of diss tracks from each the rappers got here to take a jab at one another too. Nevertheless, issues didn’t decelerate between them over time.

In reality, one of many surprising second in each of their rivalry occurred in 2018 when 50 Cent truly purchased 200 seats of Ja Rule’s one of many reveals. Appears like an excellent gesture by 50 Cent? Properly, it wasn’t so and right here’s the rationale why.

The meat between 50 Cent and Ja Rule was a lot within the thoughts of the previous that he ended up shopping for 200 entrance row seats of Ja Rule’s one of many reveals. Properly, he didn’t purchase them for an excellent cause although. 50 Cent purchased these seats simply to go away them empty that costed him round $3000.

In reality, revealing the mischievous act of himself, Cent went on to share a picture of empty rows of seats on his Instagram and had added himself in the identical by photoshopping it. The caption of which he wrote as “What a present, I imply simply f**king nice. Do it once more my child went to the restroom.”

Although 50 Cent with that act of himself tried to take a jab at Ja Rule. Latter appeared unbothered with the identical. As Ja Rule reacting to it tweeted, “I get underneath @50Cent pores and skin. I like it [laughing emoji]”. The incident remains to be remembered by many for its weirdness.

The feud between the 2 is until date one of the talked about feud within the music trade that has continued since actually lengthy. In reality, there appears to be no manner they seem like ending that feud as with every act of them in direction of one another, the strain of their relation has been solely rising.

Nevertheless, they aren’t the one who share such conflicting ideas for one another. As music trade over time has witnessed loads of such feud between the music artists.